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Friday, December 5, 2014

Penggunaan Kata "Has, Have dan Having"

Pengunaan Kata Has, Have dan Having

      A.     Sentences use for “Has”..!
1.      She has a little baby.
2.      He has a white skin. It has a long neck
3.      She has come very early to school.

4.      My teacher has my hair cut.
5.      Sam has been having his car for two years
6.      John has been doing the work.
7.      Mary has been feeling a little depressed.
8.      Lisa has not been practicing her English.
      B.      Sentences use for “Have”..!
1.      We have a new neighbour.
2.      They have something to tell you.
3.      I have dinner with my parents.
4.      I have been getting headaches on and off (but repeatedly) for the past month.
5.      I have been in a state of having the same, permanent headache for an entire month.
6.      You have been waiting here for two hours.
7.      Have you been waiting here for two hours?
8.      You have not been waiting here for two hours.

9.      What have you been doing for the last 30 minutes?
10.  They have been talking for the last hour.

      C.      Sentences use for “Having”..!
1.      I'm having an account.
2.      My company xxx having account in your bank for past 3 years.
3.      I have been having headaches for a month now.
4.      He is having a Mercedes-Benz
5.      She is having blond hair
6.      I am having a lot of fun working on this project
7.      Salmon having his car for two years

Penggunaan Kata "Has, Have dan Having"

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