Transparent Canopy Rental Price Starting from RM. 300 Only

Transparent Canopy Rental Price Starting from RM. 300 Only

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Transparent Canopy Rental Price Starting from RM. 300 Only

Transparent Canopy Rental Price from Canopy Rental Specialist offers canopy rental services at affordable prices, we are one of the lowest price service providers in Malaysia. We are very confident in our prices as we are a market-leading canopy rental company. Call us at 017-5915100 today!


Transparent Canopy Rental Price

Transparent Canopy Rental Price has a noticeable clear PVC roof canvas feature. The transparent roof canvas allows the exterior elements to connect seamlessly with your event. This type of tent sets the tone of luxury and elegance for your occasion.


Our transparent tent is able to allow your guests to enjoy a party on a starry night however it can also protect them from unexpected heavy rain.


Why Rental Transparent Canopy?

Our transparent tent rentals have always been a top choice for once-in-a-lifetime events such as wedding receptions, weddings, engagement parties, baby full moon parties or private birthday parties, home warm-ups, etc.


Transparent tents are great for combining a party with your favorite outdoor spot. Imagine saving your precious moments by the sea, park, hillside, lakeside, or beautiful open field.


The natural setting of the Transparent Canopy With Fairy Lights against the backdrop of the night sky can definitely enhance the overall experience of the event. This is an interesting factor that a boring indoor banquet hall cannot offer.


The clear top tent is also an ideal choice for commercial events due to its functionality & impressive aesthetic appearance.


We usually decorate the canopy with premium textile fabrics and lighting, it will stand out like a shining star in your event. Therefore, transparent tents work best at night.


Transparent Canopy Rental Price is perfect for events like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve Countdown Show & Chinese Lantern Festival which are usually celebrated after sunset. It can definitely be an eye-catching statement for your event.


Compare Our Prices

Package price

The RM.300 economy starts at

The RM.500 classic starts at



Superior RM.900 starting at


Transparent Canopy Rental Price Table

Rental Items



#1  Transparent Canopy

RM 900.00+

Items Subtotal:

RM 1600.00

#2  Double Scallop

RM 250.00+


RM 100.00

#3  Banquet Chair(40pax)

RM 200.00+


RM *

#4  Air Cooler

RM 250.00+


RM *

# Clean & Lastest Equipment



RM 1500.00


Strictly for reference only. * Vary From Locations & Period


Pyramid / Arabian / Transparent Tent






Pyramid / arabian ( side height: 8ft )


20′ x 12′


20′ x 16′


20′ x 20′



10′ x 10′


10′ x 20′


20′ x 20′


20′ x 30′


Arabian Transparent

20′ x 20′ / 16′ x 20′


Arabian Transparent

10′ x 20′


Modular Tent (air con)

20′ x 20′



*The above packages and Transparent Canopy Rental Price are subject to availability and do not include transportation charges. We do not offer package prices in last-minute bookings, it is best to confirm the order 5 days before the delivery date.


*The service area with this standard package covers Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and part of Selangor. Prices may vary in other locations, please check with our friendly staff and get the most accurate quote.


Types of Transparent Tent We Offered

Transparent Canopy Rental prices are a subcategory of our canopy design. Below is a list of transparent tent designs available for your selection:

1.   Transparent Geodesic Dome Tent

2.   Transparent Marquee Tent

3.   Transparent Halfmoon Tent

4.   The Transparent Arabian Tent

5.   Transparent Canopy Rental KL, Selangor, Penang


If you want your event to outperform others, renting a Transparent Canopy Rental Price is a must to consider for service. This beautiful yet concise canopy is best suited for almost any event.


Imagine organizing an exhibition, wedding, or special event where you and your guests can mingle outside under the stars and even make your way under a beautiful & shiny transparent canopy.


The translucent quality of the clear top canopy makes it very comfortable & inviting so that your guests will never feel closed from any outdoor scenery and entertainment.


We specialize in Transparent Canopy Rental prices and we know everything to serve our customers well. Our transparent canopies are made of the best quality products. Our Transparent Canopy With Fairy Lights can be proven to be durable while adding a touch of elegance.


What You Might Need Too?

The transparent tent is more than just rainproof, we can decorate the tent with ceiling curtains (underlay), Transparent Canopy With Fairy Lights, chandeliers, and others to create a mesmerizing fairytale atmosphere. You definitely don’t want to miss out on getting this amazing tent on your BIG day!


If your tent setup is located on an uneven, muddy, or grassland area, we recommend you rent the tent along with the floor/platform with us. Platform floors can ensure your guests gracefully enjoy the party in clean and dry conditions.


Final Word

Our ordering process is easy and secure. We work with you to assess your Transparent Canopy Rental Price rental needs clearly and give you honest and knowledgeable advice. We base our business on the promise to provide every customer with a smooth transaction and the best for their budget.


Rest assured that your event is covered with one of our great rentals. Call us today at 017-591 5100 for further discussions with our expert event advisors.


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